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The essence of taste and highest
quality caviar

Caviar and Caviar  is a brand of natural unique and high quality products made from caviar. Our brand’s vision can be represented as a triangle with you, our clients, at its vertex and high quality and naturality of caviar, as well as high level of service at its angles.

Our main priorities in the production of the goods offered to you are environmental compatibility, naturality and high standard of quality. All our suppliers are leaders in their field. Our internet shop gives you an opportunity to buy their products.

We are very careful about the ingredients of the products we offer you. We provide you with friendly service and with unique, natural and high quality ingredients at the best prices.

Caviar and Caviar  has developed a unique system of work with our partners and site visitors which we call “personalized service”. First of all, it means that we respect you and keep low the price for our products. In particular, we are proud of the fact that we offer the best value for money in Europe, which often means that our caviar is cheaper that the caviar of poorer quality present in the market. This also means delivery anywhere in Switzerland, friendly service and many other bonuses which you get choosing our product. We know our clients, we recognize your voices on the phone, we remember your preferences and what we should never forget to tell you about.

We work for your sake and well-being, therefore we are always happy to receive both positive and negative feedback.


Our vision:

We believe that the high quality and uniqueness of our caviar is the result of hard work of the employees, special attention to details at all production stages, and, of course, knowledge and experience accumulated during many years. Our partners always select the best fish for producing unique and high quality caviar.