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Our Suppliers


Antonius Caviar has 50 years of experience and traditions of breeding fish, it uses only natural ingredients, and, most importantly, it makes unique caviar of high quality.

The farm Antonius is situated in the cleanest region of Poland. What makes this farm unique is the fact that the sturgeon is bred in natural conditions in the waters of the Łyna river. The temperature and composition of water coincides ideally with the natural habitat of these sturgeon breeds.

The farm is one of the biggest and most environmentally friendly sturgeon and black caviar producer in Europe.

Antonius Caviar makes high quality natural caviar from the Russian sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) and from the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii) using the old recipe "Malossol" (with a pinch of salt).



Our supplier of sturgeon caviar products – RioFrio Caviar – is the Spanish caviar producer with its own sturgeon breeding farm. The history of Caviar de Riofrio dates back to 1956 when the Piscícola Navarra Company was founded. It was extended in 1963 and still exists in Andalusia (Riofrio). Historically, Iberian caviar, as well as French and Russian caviar has always been a cherished gourmet item. The rivers of Iberian Peninsula have always been full of sturgeons. Before 1970 caviar was supplied all over the world including Russia.

The farm RioFrio (which means “Cold River”) lies near the river estuary, which has an extremely positive effect on breeding sturgeons. We would like to draw your particular attention to the fact of the first in the world organic certification for caviar and sturgeons, provided by RioFrio.

RioFrio is our exclusive supplier of such a unique product as caviar cubes for cocktails. This ingenious product is an ideal choice for parties. Caviar is prepared in a special way. 3 kg of caviar are needed for making 1 kg of this product. 

Another unique RioFrio product is the caviar grinder which is ideal for dishes served at receptions and for your wildest cooking fantasies.