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Find out how to serve caviar


Caviar as a royal gourmet product should be stored and served in a due manner.  

It should be stored in the fridge in order to retain its precious flavor and nutritional qualities. Never store it in the freezer, as it will affect badly the texture and flavor of caviar.

Caviar is served in cooled tableware, preferably made from glass or crystal. Using metal spoons is not advisable as it will give metallic taste to caviar. Mother-of-pearl spoons are recommended instead.

We advise you to try a traditional method of tasting caviar, like the best chefs do. In order to fully perceive the aroma and taste, place some caviar on the back of your hand, between the thumb and the index finger. Look at it and taste it, spreading caviar all over your palate.


What do they eat caviar with? Traditionally – with pancakes. You can also serve caviar with toasts, it also goes well with brown bread. Caviar is usually served on small sandwiches – canapés. Eggs and caviar is an ideal combination.

Feasters will be happy to try “black gold in oyster”. Caviar is served inside an oyster, like a precious pearl. The whole dish is served on a crystal of ice with lemon.


Naturally, this gourmet product suits seafood, it is an ideal pair for a fresh lobster. You can also serve caviar in a boiled young jacket potato, divided into halves. Take a warm potato, make a whole in its half and place some caviar there. Close the potato and taste it. As a starter caviar suits perfectly fish and vegetable dishes.

Caviar matches well with alcohol. Oscietra caviar is delicious with good champagne. Moreover, caviar is often served with white wine. In the traditional Russian cuisine caviar is served with vodka.


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